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Boxing Fat Loss Coach Weekly sessions

  • Published on Tuesday, 14 February 2017 08:27

Boxing Fat Loss Coach weekly sessions

Have you recently said to yourself, I am fed up with how unfit I am or have become? have you recently said to yourself and others I have been putting on extra weight, that you are struggling to shift? have you been attending certain group exercise classes, that are just NOT challenging you enough, like how they used too? Or just Fed up of the Boot camp Culture of doing 300 Burpee’s near a pile of “Dog poooh” on some council Park? Trust me a lot of people are.

For many years boxing training has proved too been a great way to improve on your fitness, reduce your body fat and improve upon your strength as well as learn a new skill, boxing also is an amazing Stress buster after a long hard day.

Now I know most People who are reading this don’t desire to be a World boxing champion, and don’t desire to get punched in the Stomach or in the face.

The Boxing Fat loss Coach Weekly Workout is a fun and motivating one hour workout that will help you enjoy boxing without you worrying about leaving with a “black eye”.

Have you ever desired to HIT the Heavy Punch Bag, HIT the speed ball, HIT the Focus pads, Skip, HIT the Coaches Body Protector, shadow box,  Plus a whole lot more?  Well now you can and know what it is like to challenge yourself mentally and physically, regardless of your fitness level and your sex too.

The Boxing Fat loss coach workout is a great fun way to get into shape, and the benefits that can be achieved are good too. It does NOT matter if you have ever boxed before or if you have NO experience, if you can run for 1 minute without stopping you will be alright to attend the weekly sessions.

Who it is not for:

Negative People or People with a Dickhead attitude, Current Competing fighters (1:1 for you guys (, tyre kickers and non-tiers  

For People Boxing Fat loss coach is for:

Those that want to have fun, those that Want a Challenge, those that want to try something new, those that what to improve their fitness, those that need to reduce their weight, those that seek self-development.

The weekly Boxing Fat Loss Coach sessions take place every week on a Tuesday night 6pm-7pm at Liberty Gym, Manvers Street, Nottingham, Ng2-4PP,

Introductory offer

Start on Tuesday 21st of February and join for ongoing months it will be £20 a month cash or Direct Debit, if you leave after your introductory offer and would like to rejoin at a later month it will be £25 per month cash or Direct Debit.

For those who would like to pay as they go and just turn up every week its £7 a session.

Also for those that Pay cash or Direct Debit, all sessions must run consecutively, if you NO show it’s NOT refundable.

So are you up it?

Get in touch and let’s get you burning fat on the Boxing fat loss coach sessions,

Remember to tell your friend.

Coach Martin Gooden  


What's This Blog About...
The blog is about entertaining the health, fitness and performance universe.

So by visiting the CPT Blog on a regular basis you will sure get information on health, fitness, nutrition, performance, fitness Business and a touch of fun and laughter.

All things that can motivate, educate, empower and bring a smile to your face.
My Profile...
Martin Gooden is a Former competitive boxer/fighter who also represented his city at Football and basketball. He was also a school boy at Notts county Football club.

Martin been personal training in Nottingham for 20 years too date and has been running bootcamps in Nottingham way before the current bootcamp boom.

He has worked with professional athletes (mainly involved in the football and Boxing arena) and people who want to get into awesome shape. His CPT Boot camp Nottingham is the “must go too” place in Nottingham for body transformation, Fat loss and weight loss and increased fitness. His style is too empower his knowledge too his clients and for them to see improvements both mentally and physically and perform in the sporting arena.

Having spent intrims with some of the leaders in the fitness, strength and conditioning, boxing and fitness marketing.

He is happy to now share information now with you. As he feels blessed to be able to do this. Need personal training in Nottingham or the surrounding Areas. Just ask Martin.


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