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Did you know that: 7 out of 10 of us will be attacked at some stage in their life innocently for no reason other than bullying and thuggish behaviour, I myself have been attacked, and if it wasn’t for the fact that I knew how to use my hands and feet, I would have been a victim too.

Have you ever thought what you would do if you where faced in a situation with your-self or family were you needed to step up to the Mark and defend your space? Not that I am promoting violence but these modern days, people are mindless, angry and Hungry, and having a bit of presence and one self defence move can help you from a sticky situation.

The 6 week CPT Self-Defence course: will give you the confidence you to help and prepare you for such situation.

Upon Completion of this course you will:

1) Possess a basic understanding of self defence techniques and their applications

2) Have an understanding of the principles of self defence

3) Have a heightened level of personal awareness

4) Have increased levels of self-confidence

Topics to be covered will include:

 1) Self-Defence techniques and their applications

 2) The law on self-Defence (An actually lawyer comes in to explain)

 3) Confidence Building

4) The application of self-defence techniques against weapons

How much would you pay to defend your space?

If you were to do this course else where you may pay anything from £100 too £150

No this course is not about Money!!!

This Course is about Empowering you to help yourself as a result the cost of this 6 week self defence course is £65 or sign up with a friend and get it for £100 for two yes that’s right, yes an introduction saving of £30.







CPT Summer Fit camp Nottingham 70% off for July 2017

CPT Summer Fit camp for July 70 % Disocunted for July 2017


"Weight Loss & Fat loss is easy with CPT fit camps"

Starting on the Tuesday 4th of July, the return of the CPT Summer Fit-camp, which will be a fun and motivating experience, So let’s ask you a few questions and answer them with honesty 

Are you happy with your current weight 

Are you happy with your fitness and stamina levels 

Would you like to drop a dress size or suit size if possible 

Do you find going to the gym boring 

Are you just fed up of how you look, think and feel

So was you honest, listen i have spent most of my life listening to people who want to change their life, and not only life but the way how they look, so maybe you are no different.

A lot of people wake each day struggling unhealthy, overweight, and very unfit and if this is really you, you will be happy to know that it can change in a few sessions over a few weeks.

So let’s get a few things first, the CPT Summer fit camp is about for people of a beginners too intermediate fitness level, so not for the super fit, but if you are and you are an athlete you need to get on my CPT Strength and conditioning camp.

So what you can expect on a CPT Fit-camp, fun sessions and motivating experience all geared around you getting results, you will also get help with nutrition which is very important to you getting results.

We are running a new format and this means all the sessions are double sessions. So we will start the first session at

6.15pm-6.45pm which is Athletic Kettle-bell / Fat Burning kettle-bells / Circuits

6.45pm-7.30pm will be Boxing Fat loss coach Workout

Option 1 Discounted one off £32 for the month (normally £97) Full Camp

Option 2 Pay as you go Double sessions £10 half camp

Option 3 £5 pay as you go for one of the two sessions (AWOL)

The sessions will be a challenge, and the full camp option is devised for getting results providing you are following a healthy and educated plan and do another plan which you will be given to follow outside of the fit-camp sessions too. So if you would really like to make a difference on your mind & body this is the chance for you too try something different, after all “ nothing changes” unless you are willing to make a change. Sessions take place at our new location and outdoors too. Spaces are limited so please book early to reserve your space, get involved get into shape.


Coach Martin Gooden  

Interested? Watch the Video Below:



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My Profile...
Martin Gooden is a Former competitive boxer/fighter who also represented his city at Football and basketball. He was also a school boy at Notts county Football club.

Martin been personal training in Nottingham for 20 years too date and has been running bootcamps in Nottingham way before the current bootcamp boom.

He has worked with professional athletes (mainly involved in the football and Boxing arena) and people who want to get into awesome shape. His CPT Boot camp Nottingham is the “must go too” place in Nottingham for body transformation, Fat loss and weight loss and increased fitness. His style is too empower his knowledge too his clients and for them to see improvements both mentally and physically and perform in the sporting arena.

Having spent intrims with some of the leaders in the fitness, strength and conditioning, boxing and fitness marketing.

He is happy to now share information now with you. As he feels blessed to be able to do this. Need personal training in Nottingham or the surrounding Areas. Just ask Martin.


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