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Some Questions I get Asked HITT or Steady State Cardio?

Two months ago I got a Phone call from a woman who was working with a Personal Trainer. She was very anxious and very reserved, but she said I Seen what you are doing with a work colleague, and would like to Book a consultation with you, I told her you already have a Trainer, so really you need to speak with your current Trainer if you are NOT happy, She said No I want Results like my friend you are coaching, so can she book in with me, I said Not until after a consultation.

The consultation got booked, and the Questions got asked, and she asked questions too, the main one I wanted to know was:

  1. What do you want to achieve?
  2. What were you doing with this Personal Trainer?

She wanted to Lose weight and also drop a dress size and lose inches, nothing New, Also she said Prior to working with this Personal Trainer, she had not exercised for 6 years, very out of shape and Condition, and one thing I gathered, her wants to hire me was NOT based on wanting or having too, it was based on outcome & Process Enjoyment that she wanted. So I asked what was you doing with this trainer, and all I heard her say was High intensity interval Training “HIT” in my head I was not surprised, as the Blind are Leading the Blind, and even though it works, Everybody is doing this, thinking it’s the “ultimate” thing So here we had a Woman with a High Ratio of Fat, Very Out of Condition, May be better Than when she had started, and more or less getting “beasted” with HIT Training, well it seems Personal Trainers have Gone HIT Mad, As everybody else on the Planet is Doing it, don’t get me wrong it “Works” Steady state Cardio works too, (just a little differently) But Gathering the information from the Woman from the consultation, I had enough information to not at this stage use the HIT Protocol on her, as yet, remember i said as Yet, No wonder she was NOT enjoying the Process with the Other Personal Trainer, He was “BEASTING” her to submission, and Not Giving her the Results she wanted, Do I use HIT on clients & Athletes “Yes” do I use “Steady State” cardio on Clients “yes”, Does it Bring them Results, yes they both do bring results, without Going deep into this, they Both Work, the thing is who I do both methods with depends on a few things, and whether they are ready for this “HIT Stress” as it really is a form off. So Most Personal Trainers Keep Chucking out the same old thing to all their Clients without giving much thought to the actual client that is in front of them. So they both work for lowering fat levels, and HIT training gives a bang for your Buck “After burn” too but “who ya” giving it too “Everyone”?

Incidentally this woman has lost more Body fat in three weeks getting coached, not using the HIT Protocol, and is enjoying Training than she did in two months of Personal Training with the other Personal Trainer who liked “Playing” on his mobile phone and NOT paying attention to his client.

Coach Martin Gooden       

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Martin Gooden is a Former competitive boxer/fighter who also represented his city at Football and basketball. He was also a school boy at Notts county Football club.

Martin been personal training in Nottingham for 20 years too date and has been running bootcamps in Nottingham way before the current bootcamp boom.

He has worked with professional athletes (mainly involved in the football and Boxing arena) and people who want to get into awesome shape. His CPT Boot camp Nottingham is the “must go too” place in Nottingham for body transformation, Fat loss and weight loss and increased fitness. His style is too empower his knowledge too his clients and for them to see improvements both mentally and physically and perform in the sporting arena.

Having spent intrims with some of the leaders in the fitness, strength and conditioning, boxing and fitness marketing.

He is happy to now share information now with you. As he feels blessed to be able to do this. Need personal training in Nottingham or the surrounding Areas. Just ask Martin.


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