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CPT Success Stories

How I went from Fat too slimmer and lost 2 stone on CPT Six week Boot-camp Nottingham

Glen BeforeGlen AfterAt the Start of this year my life really sucked, I worked really hard as a Electrician, would go drinking most nights and would finish these same nights with a donor kebab. I got fed up of doing this so I joined a gym the as it was one of my aims to exercise more and eat the right types of food. You see I would get tired after 5 minutes on the Treadmill embarrassing, as the Person on the other Treadmill seemed to just keep going on and on, The other thing was I hated the gym, No Support, No motivation from the Personal Trainers there, I was really getting Fed up as I seemed to be getting Wider at my waist, it took a old pal of mine to force me into action. He had done it and I noticed a change in his Appearance and energy levels. I thought if he can I can.

So I joined the CPT Boot camp I brought my Guts up on a few of the Sessions but when I started noticing change I was motivated more than ever before. After just three weeks I noticed my Jeans were looser by the waist. The top of my thighs were not tight, my energy levels had hit the roof, as I was also following the Strict CPT Nutritional Plan to the letter. Beer was replaced by Green drinks and water. The sessions were not only good but a great social atmosphere, which made my sessions much easier. I have now done 2 Boot camps and have now lost a total 2 stone and 7 % Body fat and 25LBS of Fat Mass, increased my lean muscle mass by 8%.

I would recommend the CPT Boot camp to anyone who wants to increase their fitness, Drop a size in clothes, change how you feel or would like to work with Martin and Team CPT Boot-camps.

Glen Nottingham UK

"Hannah loses 3 stone"

HannahI had been a member of a health club for a long time and been told lots of different things from the Personal trainers in this particular health club. I came across Martin on the internet, and as a result I called him. After five minutes of talking to him, I made another call and cancelled my membership at the Health club and signed up for the 6 Week fat loss course. I got all my questions answered during this course, and I also had all the support, and this was something that I really needed. The course made me realize how, in a short time, you can get a good result and how important getting food choices right makes a difference. I have done the course twice and have lost a total of 3 stone and 8 % body fat. I have more energy and more stamina. As a result I ran the Nottingham race for life and knocked five minutes off my previous time. I would have never been able to do this without the course. And Martin's Support and encouragement

Hannah-Nottingham UK

"I loved my CPT Boot camp sessions and the Result"

RoxanneI work in an industry were my image is very important. I enrolled on Boot camp as I needed to get into shape for a photo shoot that was up and coming in five weeks time. I was very nervous as I had seen a mate of mine do it and she lost 1 stone 2 LBS and 2 % body fat, so I know that this was the thing I needed to do, to help me for the photo shoot.

The Nutritional plan helped me a lot and has really given me new knowledge of what food does to my body. I also found the Sessions a brilliant form of Motivation even though they were tough.

Overall the Boot camp was an awesome, excellent experience of which I lost 16 LBS of weight and dropped my body fat by 3%, and dropped inches around my thighs, waist and hips. I would recommend it if you are looking for a quick result and new knowledge.

Roxanne-Mansfield UK

"My Motivation is higher than before"

AnneI am a 44 year old working mum and for the past two years I have trained for and competed in triathlons. My training had become very mundane and routine during the triathlon season. So I decided to try something a little different. It was more than i expected The CPT Boot-Camp was really tough but also very enjoyable, motivating and rewarding, as different methods of training were incorporated which have given me loads of new ideas. My health and nutritional plan has given me a lot more energy and a better feeling of health, while I rest my body a lot more than before. I would recommend it to everyone. Martin & his team are great motivators and keep you going.

Anne-Nottingham UK

"I Improved my Stamina and Fitness"

With a big season ahead, I didn't want to be slow off the blocks, and lacking strength to last 90 minutes of professional football. I have been working really hard in my strength and conditioning sessions. While training with Martin I have been shown a lot of new methods of nutrition and physical training which I noticed have given me more energy and alertness, and had made a big difference too my overall game of Football.

Kelvin Wilson (Professional Footballer at Celtic)

"Nathan McIntosh Hires Martin for conditioning"

Nathan McintoshThanks for helping me prepare for my third and fourth professional fights. I felt that my strength needed to be worked on and also my stamina so I could finish a lot stronger in later rounds. The strength work that I did was very different and very valuable, and really improved my performance. I found the change in my nutrition and lifestyle very hard, as I had to give up a lot of energy drinks, powders and shakes I thought were doing my body good. Once I started doing what I was told to do, I felt sharper, stronger and noticed I could spar more rounds with ease.

Nathan Mcintosh (Welterweight Professional Boxer)

"Lawrence loses the Weight he could not lose"

LawrenceI really enjoyed the fat loss course, as I wanted professional advice and to do things that I wouldn't do if I were training on my own. I had been trying too lose the weight for years. The sessions were very varied and I learnt that spending a long time in the gym was not the answer to losing fat and getting fitter. The nutritional plan that was put together for me was easy to follow. I now totally understand foods that are great for me now and I no longer get confused. People at work have noticed a change in my shape and energy.

As a result of doing the fat loss course I lost 3 stone in weight and 6% body fat. I feel healthier now than ever before. I recently ran a half marathon and completed it. If you are really looking for a result and a change in your shape, energy or knowledge on food, do this course.

Lawrence-Nottingham UK

"Teacher Drops LBS and puts his Body in a different Class on CPT Boot camp?

DonovanI loved my CPT Boot-camp experience, as being a regular Gym member it was getting very boring doing the same thing over and over again, and not getting any results. What i enjoyed about Boot camp was having a Personal Nutrition Plan, which i found easy to follow and how much my Food selections need to be right to get me a result. The Workouts were Awesome and were never the same which kept the whole Boot campers guessing what's next? I also enjoyed working out with a great team of people who are now my new circle of friends. I lost a total of 7LBS of scale weight, 2 % Body fat, 2 inches off my stomach, 3 inches off my waist and feel loads healthier. I would recommend the CPT Boot camp program to anyone who is looking a kick start too fat loss.

Donovan – Nottingham UK

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The blog is about entertaining the health, fitness and performance universe.

So by visiting the CPT Blog on a regular basis you will sure get information on health, fitness, nutrition, performance, fitness Business and a touch of fun and laughter.

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My Profile...
Martin Gooden is a Former competitive boxer/fighter who also represented his city at Football and basketball. He was also a school boy at Notts county Football club.

Martin been personal training in Nottingham for 20 years too date and has been running bootcamps in Nottingham way before the current bootcamp boom.

He has worked with professional athletes (mainly involved in the football and Boxing arena) and people who want to get into awesome shape. His CPT Boot camp Nottingham is the “must go too” place in Nottingham for body transformation, Fat loss and weight loss and increased fitness. His style is too empower his knowledge too his clients and for them to see improvements both mentally and physically and perform in the sporting arena.

Having spent intrims with some of the leaders in the fitness, strength and conditioning, boxing and fitness marketing.

He is happy to now share information now with you. As he feels blessed to be able to do this. Need personal training in Nottingham or the surrounding Areas. Just ask Martin.


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