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Nin gets into fighting fitness mode & Feels Great & Drops 2 % Body Fat

Nin Loses 2 % Body fat & Feels Great

Nin is a health Club member, but wanted to do something a little bit different with the View to also fighting on a charity show, in the Video she talks about a her CPT Boxing fit-camp experience & results she got after losing 2% Body Fat, Double Jab Right Hand Left Hook Boooooooooom.  

Elisia loses 25 LBS of weight and gets her Knock body

Elisia Knocks down the Fat with CPT

Elisia is turning into a CPT Legend & an exercise Beast with the Results she has been getting, and also the inches she has been losing. In six weeks she has been following the nutritional, lifestyle Protocols, as well as doing the CPT Million Dollar Boxing Sessions as well as the Boxing Conditioning work, she has also learning boxing skills and loved the experience and motivation. Also She Recently ran a half distance Run and recorded her Personal Best.

New Wardrobe of Clothes WWLA "Rocks for Results"

This Coaching Program is Proving to be a "Wardrobe Clothes Changer"

Well Done to Mel on her Achievements over 6 months, Great work, its the Results that Womans weight loss academy coaching programs Promises, once you "Get on Board" and go through our Process on lifestyle, nutrition, exercise & other Protocals & Support, plus Motivation.

Interested? get in touch as spaces are limited 

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact throught Contact Page 

Rob Loses 2 stone in four weeks

The Leaner Male Project

"4 weeks a change a lifetime of confidence"

Rob Loses 2 stone in Four Weeks & Feels Great

If your a Male Watching this Video and can Spare a minimum of 1 Hour a week, then you can become a Leaner Male, using online and Off line Methods that will help you lose weight get leaner, feel more confident in a very short Period of time, Can you do it? Lets See get in contact at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Today like Rob did.

Nikki "1 Stone Down" Exceeding her Expectations

Big Shout Out to Nikki  on her

First Month of Weight loss Coaching

Nikki has worked and followed the Coaching Process for a month too date, and with a little change in Lifestyle and habits changes both Physically & Mentally are happening.

The Nikki "Swagger" is in Veiw.  

Coach Martin Gooden

What's This Blog About...
The blog is about entertaining the health, fitness and performance universe.

So by visiting the CPT Blog on a regular basis you will sure get information on health, fitness, nutrition, performance, fitness Business and a touch of fun and laughter.

All things that can motivate, educate, empower and bring a smile to your face.
My Profile...
Martin Gooden is a Former competitive boxer/fighter who also represented his city at Football and basketball. He was also a school boy at Notts county Football club.

Martin been personal training in Nottingham for 20 years too date and has been running bootcamps in Nottingham way before the current bootcamp boom.

He has worked with professional athletes (mainly involved in the football and Boxing arena) and people who want to get into awesome shape. His CPT Boot camp Nottingham is the “must go too” place in Nottingham for body transformation, Fat loss and weight loss and increased fitness. His style is too empower his knowledge too his clients and for them to see improvements both mentally and physically and perform in the sporting arena.

Having spent intrims with some of the leaders in the fitness, strength and conditioning, boxing and fitness marketing.

He is happy to now share information now with you. As he feels blessed to be able to do this. Need personal training in Nottingham or the surrounding Areas. Just ask Martin.


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