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Some Questions I get Asked HITT or Steady State Cardio?

Two months ago I got a Phone call from a woman who was working with a Personal Trainer. She was very anxious and very reserved, but she said I Seen what you are doing with a work colleague, and would like to Book a consultation with you, I told her you already have a Trainer, so really you need to speak with your current Trainer if you are NOT happy, She said No I want Results like my friend you are coaching, so can she book in with me, I said Not until after a consultation.

The consultation got booked, and the Questions got asked, and she asked questions too, the main one I wanted to know was:

  1. What do you want to achieve?
  2. What were you doing with this Personal Trainer?

She wanted to Lose weight and also drop a dress size and lose inches, nothing New, Also she said Prior to working with this Personal Trainer, she had not exercised for 6 years, very out of shape and Condition, and one thing I gathered, her wants to hire me was NOT based on wanting or having too, it was based on outcome & Process Enjoyment that she wanted. So I asked what was you doing with this trainer, and all I heard her say was High intensity interval Training “HIT” in my head I was not surprised, as the Blind are Leading the Blind, and even though it works, Everybody is doing this, thinking it’s the “ultimate” thing So here we had a Woman with a High Ratio of Fat, Very Out of Condition, May be better Than when she had started, and more or less getting “beasted” with HIT Training, well it seems Personal Trainers have Gone HIT Mad, As everybody else on the Planet is Doing it, don’t get me wrong it “Works” Steady state Cardio works too, (just a little differently) But Gathering the information from the Woman from the consultation, I had enough information to not at this stage use the HIT Protocol on her, as yet, remember i said as Yet, No wonder she was NOT enjoying the Process with the Other Personal Trainer, He was “BEASTING” her to submission, and Not Giving her the Results she wanted, Do I use HIT on clients & Athletes “Yes” do I use “Steady State” cardio on Clients “yes”, Does it Bring them Results, yes they both do bring results, without Going deep into this, they Both Work, the thing is who I do both methods with depends on a few things, and whether they are ready for this “HIT Stress” as it really is a form off. So Most Personal Trainers Keep Chucking out the same old thing to all their Clients without giving much thought to the actual client that is in front of them. So they both work for lowering fat levels, and HIT training gives a bang for your Buck “After burn” too but “who ya” giving it too “Everyone”?

Incidentally this woman has lost more Body fat in three weeks getting coached, not using the HIT Protocol, and is enjoying Training than she did in two months of Personal Training with the other Personal Trainer who liked “Playing” on his mobile phone and NOT paying attention to his client.

Coach Martin Gooden       

Are we what we eat or what we Digest?

Are we what we eat or what we Digest?

We are what we digest?

A lot of People think eating healthy foods when they feel like it, will bring them the results that they want in a very short time, and is a brilliant thing in thought. The Ones that Normally are the Ones that get Good results are the ones, that make swift Changes or are very Consistant with their Nutritional choices, well lets tell you this if your Digestive system is not functioning very well, then the Nutrients that your body should take in from your healthy food choices will not be absorbed very well. Let’s go in this a little bit more.

Most Food that we eat contains a selection of nutrients Molecules are needed for building new body tissue, repairing damaged tissue and for ongoing chemical reactions that I hope the Body you look after needs. The main thing is good food is vital to your life and the Quality of your life isn’t it, let’s put it this way it’s the only source of energy that drives the Chemical reactions occurring every living cell of our healthy body if you look after yourself. Food we eat consists of molecules that are too large to be used by the cells, the foods we eat (or Yam if you’re a Jamaican), have to be broken down small enough for these molecules to enter the body cells, this process is known as Digestion, the passage of these smaller molecules through Cells lining the gut and intestines into the blood and is normally termed or known as absorption, it’s an army or (posse) of organs that perform these functions called the digestive system. Let’s take a step by step look at what happens when you eat a food.

  • Ingest Food: Take food in the mouth
  • Secrete Water, acid, buffers, enzymes into lumen of the GI Tract
  • Mixes and moves food through the GI Tract
  • Digests food (Breaks it down)
  • Absorbs digested stuff from the GI Tract into the blood and lymph
  • Eliminates feces (you know what this is Right?) from the GI Tract

So the ability of your Digestive system to Break down the food you eat and getting the Nutrients from these good foods into your Blood stream, to give your body the nutrients & health it deserves, you will also now know the importance of getting good “live” quality food down you to get quality nutrients in your blood stream, to give you awesome energy & health.

Coach Martin Gooden

Some of the above information I will go through in my next up and coming 1 hour Presentation “Simple cooks for leaner looks the Presentation”

Watch out for the date.


Why I tell my New un-conditioned Clients once a Week

Why I Tell Un-conditioned New Clients Once a Week  

This might come as a bit of a shock too some Personal trainers, but hey they do what they do their way and I do my Coaching mine. Now when I speak here I am not on about the clients that I know who a Boxers that I can Push on their Hard Phase of training, or the guys I know have been Training for Years and like it HARDCORE with results of course, but I am talking about the type of client that I get that has not been training for YEARS if they have ever trained at all. So let’s be REAL HERE, How would you Feel. First it may have took you time to bring yourself to HIRE a Coach or Personal Trainer, and the thought of some Confident frigger who looks lean, Pushing you to the Point of humiliation, and barking orders and when you say it’s TOO MUCH, they say WHAT, keep going “what do you think this is” Not nice is it?, but the Best is yet to come, the next day you cannot move, as the Pain kicks in, oh that’s the next day, never mind the day after, the day after BIG UNCLE DOMS DAY, the height of Pain that can last up to a week, yes a week No Lie, Your Body Feels like Crap, if you are NOT Mentally strong, or you have a WEAK WHY (PURPOSE) then you will quit in your pursuit of changing shape and increased fitness at the First Hurdle. So What I normally do with new clients who are well out of condition in the first three weeks, I say I will only train you once a week, Not twice or three times, even though just like the other day I had a new female who wanted me to  train her 5 times a week, and when I told her NO, she said but you can Make some serious money from me, I still told her this way or No way, as her body would have at first hand felt like a locomotive Train had HIT her, What’s the point when I am trying to think about her making a Lifestyle change, not a “Quick Sprint”.

Do you know what Chemical reactions go on, when you are out of condition and your body get’s a big Physical exercise HIT, without being too “GeekyHormonally your emotions can take a bash too, as you may not see no end to the feelings, After three weeks and I know that if the client wants more sessions, and their body is starting to adapt to the work load, then we can increase to have more sessions in a week, and either split the routine if its Resistance based or if its Boxing then increased workload and mental stimulus for the client.

It’s one sure way to make your new client break into their new future workload you will be giving them, also it builds confidence in THEM, as remember the idea is to make new clients depending on their mind set to feel awesome about them-self as well as for them to feel that your awesome NOT to Fear you, YOU GET ME NOW? Now WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW. 

Coach Martin “Once a Week Newbie” Gooden

The Power of Guinea Hen Weed



Well the sound of me saying something is good for you ending with weed, may have you thinking that I am I smoking it. Well hell No, I am not smoking no ganja weed around here at all. But more introducing you to the Powerful herb called the Guinea Hen Weed also known as anamu, can be found the Caribbean, central and south America, Africa and in the best country in the World sunny Jamaica. It is also known as gully root or garlic weed. In the Amazon Rain forest it is used to induce Abortions. Ok let’s get back to the use of this herb in Sunny Jamaica and its use as herbal medicine.

It has been said to be very beneficial for a number of health Issues including diabetes, arthritis, digestive dis-orders, pain relief, for fighting infections, and been massive plus in the fight against some cancers. It has been said that it contains 20 compounds some that have never been identified in nature before, YES that's right, and in the fight against cancer, it has been shown to kill several strains of cancer cells. In certain tests Guinea Hen Weed can differentiate between normal and cancer cells, and it will kill only the cancer cells. As said above it has been shown to reduce diabetes, and lower blood sugar levels by up to 60%.

Contradictions to GHW: It can cause Contractions to the uterus which can lead to miscarriages and should not be used by pregnant women, Not bad for a herb that Grows very wild in Jamaica, one of my uncles swears by it, and Trust me when I say my Uncle Freddie is a True Herbalist, he has got a Herb and natural alternative to everything and I mean Everything, it don’t grow in the UK, but Can Be brought in tea bag form from most well stocked Caribbean food stores, Give it a try unless you are PREGNANT.

Coach Martin Gooden 

Going through Process



Just as a young School leaver knows in his mind that he wants to be a electrician, and he goes from leaving school, to being an apprentice to becoming qualified in his trade, to working for his employees to then managing within the company to then managing and becoming a director of his own company, wanting to lose weight, build muscle, perform better is no different, as in all of this you have to have a well crafted PROCESS, and be guided by a person who has experience of this (A mentor, Teacher, coach, An experienced Personal Trainer)

You sign up to most Health clubs and you"ll get a 6-8 week program card from the in-house personal trainer/gym instructor, who will structure something for you to repeat and follow for this 6-8 week period, now in between there is no follow up, no motivation unless your very self motivated, no accountability, and I bet your bottom dollar when the trainer meets this person again for a tik tik reassessment, that's if one happens, she will swear that she has done every single thing that you asked her to do 8 weeks ago, well she ain't happy you get angry too, this is not a PROCESS, it's a structure, it tells you what you should do but if the health club member is not doing it she will not get results and blame the Instructor/Personal Trainer for her lack of results. You see when you employ an experienced Fitness professional on a 1:1 basis to coach you towards your goals, he will guide you through a process that is endless if he has the skills, or will make sure you Peak if its for a Sporting Performance and progress you towards your wants, and then when you get to your needs again progress you again and keep this going, also when, why, what, when not too,  should be able to be answered by the person taking you through the process. The mentor/ coach/ Trainer. The process needs to be motivating, fun & hard work (50/50 achievable) too allow you too see progress, (i.e. measured) allow you to be doing things within & outside some times your mental & physical capabilities (Comfort Zone), or things that you thought you could not do, as if it's too easy you won't be motivated to do, now when you normally take a good coach out of the equation two things happen, either the client takes the baton and runs with it, as they feel they are happy with the results and have enough knowledge/motivation to carry on training themselves, or they drop out as that organised process has gone and now there is no one guiding them any more, NO PROCESS. Some Coaches believe that a client should not be with them for long, as their idea is to give them as much knowledge as they have so they can do it on there own, the aspect about knowledge I totally agree, but giving knowledge still don't mean they have a process to follow. I personally have a client who I still train after 8 years yes consistently, and he says it's the process that he needs.
Watch the Below video will give you a little bit more information on this,
Stay blessed and hire someone who can guide you through a process weather this be in business or your results in health & fitness.
Thanks Coach Martin Gooden

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