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Was Dominic Ingle Right To Stop Brook Fight?

Was Dominic Ingle Right To Stop Brook Fight?

If you are involved in Boxing, from either side of the ring chances are you would have seen the build up to the Fight on Saturday 10th of September. There were a lot of talking points for people to voice their opinion on this fight. From a coaches prospective, it was a very dangerous fight for Kell Brook, on the basis of him going two weight Divisions up, but for me it was the fact more importantly the person who was standing in front of him.  A both seasoned and settled middleweight fighter who is natural in this weight division, an unbeaten fighter, a fighter who can Punch and has dynamite in both hands, a fighter who cuts off the ring very well and lets his punches go to concussive effect.

Did I want Kell Brook to win, certainly did, did I think he would win NO and when I say this I don’t even think he had a “Punches Chance” which those that know boxing will know a fight can be turned around by one punch. However I thought Kell would not be the boxer to spoil GGG's unbeaten record and cause a upset on the night.

In My area of specialism being Strength & Conditioning I will get you ready both physically and vitally, mentally stronger. This is dependent on the fighter too and their physical & mental make-up, but no matter what way I looked at this fight, Kell at some point would have to fight go into the trenches as we say in boxing & fight. I was thinking after Round 6 this would happen, when the pace slowed and both fighters would be in front of each other and in range. And Start letting their shots go to show their dominance.

So the big question that appeared all over social media was, did Dominic Ingle do the right thing in retiring his fighter in the 5th Round of a world title fight?

First let’s put a few things straight a lot of the people that post their opinion on social media that have never laced up a boxing glove, never hit a punch bag, never hit the focus pads, have never sparred a few rounds, won’t know what it’s like to walk the nervous walk from the changing room to the ring, don’t know what it’s like to put their health on the line, NOT that have too, but it’s nice when people make comments, that they come from a place of knowing how it feels, so let’s crack on.

So let’s put it straight, the relationship between a coach and his fighter, is one that the coach should never at any point put his fighter in any form of risk to life or his fighters health at any time during a gym session or any fight. Here is a man (ie Dominic) who spends more time with him more than anyone else where Boxing is concerned, so he would know him on most levels that people would, really not know. So he more than likely would know from the corner of the ring, when his fighter looked like he had nothing more to offer, or in danger and of course if you seen the fight, in round four he was holding his eye socket. Dominic was fully aware of this, even though Kell was in front on the score cards, GGG was finding his range, and as you seen, Kell was not fighting back and on his back foot, (The ref at the Start of the Fight, always tells both fighters, defend yourself at all times) taking shots, and was ready for the taking, People have been saying “Dominic” should have given Kell Brook a chance? Or do they mean wait for his health to be at risk or for GGG to inflict major damage

Kell Brook is no Carl Froch or Nigel Benn who were at their most dangerous when facing defeat like in a situation that Kell was in. 

Kell Brook to date has not shown his is the warrior type of fighter, when I say this, I mean he had not had to get up off the canvas, or show Great strength of mind & character, apart from this very fight, of which he shown that he does have the metal.

I personally applaud Dominic for what he did, as also some fighters, will NOT take that they have lost till their health is at risk, we see this time and time again, when fighters take a battering, go down, and when they get back up, they reckon they can fight on, even when their legs and glazed eyes or maybe bruised or cut face tells you, they have been given a good hiding. So when you have a good trainer who knows who you are, and what is best for you as a fighter this is what you employ him for to prepare you get you ready and make the best judgement for you.

I have no doubt that from a Ingle & Brook’s point of view, when they analyze the fight, they will take it as a big learning curve and live to fight another day, and know that his fighters health is in check also Brook is a commodity for earning money for himself and his team around him too, that earn them a living.  So Dominic did what most good trainers would have done. Again the Social Media Boxing Pundits that have their views and that is what boxing is all about, opinion and this is mine, I have been on both sides, inside and outside. Have a great day.

Coach Martin Gooden         


Lessons from Shannon "The Cannon" Briggs


Lessons From Shannon "The Cannon" Briggs

Up to the other day, some People may not have heard of Former Heavy weight Boxing Champion  American Shannon “The cannon” Briggs, who at 44 is on a Mission, in fact a massive mission. Shannon Biggs Current Record is 67 Fights, 59 Wins, 6 Losses and 1 No Contest, and he has also shared the ring with Vitali Klitschko & British Heavy weight Legend Lennox Lewis, even tho he lost on both accounts, he has been there seen it and also done it, so you may ask what’s the Big deal, What Shannon has decided to do is Leave his home land America for a while come to Britain and Put his self in the Picture why? Well Britain in the “Heavyweight” Division is looking much more Healthier than the Guys from over the Waters, you See Anthony Joshua, David Haye, Tyson Fury, Derek Chisora, Dillian Whyte are all up to wanting to Prove that they are world class, but at the moment, AJ & TF are World Title Belt holders, great for British Boxing, so he has come over to England and to Put it Positively has been a MENACE to some of these Boxers, Calling them all out, really calling them all out to fight him, let’s Get it, this guy has come over with a Real Mission, he wants to take on the Brits at Boxing, he feels he can be the Champ. In fact there is one fighter that is really in his RADAR, Take a guess, The Master of “Toe” Excuses “David Haye”, in fact Shannon had been looking for Haye, going to his Gym, looking for him to really go face to face and call him out. Did he find him, damm right he Did at a Press Conference, as Haye was ready to talk and sell his next fight, What did you here “Let’s Go champ” in the Background, Shannon was in the building, calling Haye out to the Point, that kept Haye “quite” like a Cat amongst Dogs, and the Thing about it Shannon Was NOT to be stopped, he said to Haye he cannot beat him, to the Point that Haye, said pass your Medical, fight on his next undercard fight and then I will fight you, Just what “Shannon Wanted to hear”. Just when you thought it was over, at the weigh-in the day before the Joshua vs Martin fight, Shannon Confronted “Haye” again this time, Shannon Tugged on his Hair invaded his Space, and continued to shout, at him “Let’s Go Champ” Hold on, David Haye went to the Toilet Who did he bump into, Shannon the Cannon again being a “Menace” again calling him out, and Haye was so wound up he “left” the toilet, No Doubt Never wanted to P again, or he seen it that Shannon is taking the piss.

If you know Boxing you will know that apart from the Boxers who just want to Train & Fight, and the Trainers that Want to coach & Train Fighters, the Promoter has to sell the Fight to the paying Public, and stroke up the imagination of the Public, in most cases the Fighters are good at doing this too.

So what is the Lesson from Shannon “The Cannon” Briggs

He has picked up his self, come over from the States, when most People would say he is a has been, Well he might be at 44, his best years are past him, but you cannot take away his past “Glory” and then what he has been doing is shouting Louder than the other contenders, “Calling out” most of the Current Fighters and Really been Stroking up “Hype” for him to fight David Haye to the Point, where David Haye has verbally Agreed to fight him, I think Shannon has got to him, (WATCH THE VIDEO'S BELOW) got under his skin If you have the self-belief and you are sometimes willing to Shout out Loud enough, and Hustle Harder than the other geezer, you can put yourself in a Position you didn’t think was Possible, and I have seen this as a great lesson in Hi-Jacking the Party, because until he is beaten Mr “Lets Go Champ” is going to be in None Stop “Hustle” Mode until he gets the Fight he wants against one of the “Old Champs or New Breed of champions”

Well Done to Mr Shannon “Let’s Go champ” Briggs 

Coach Martin Gooden     

Why I say Body Builders are Semi-Athletic!!!

Why I say Body-Builders are Semi-Athletic

Recently I called a Body-builder Semi-athletic, of which he said in his deep voice he is athletic. So I asked him what made him athletic. He said because “he lifts weights and he is strong” so was Tarzan. On observation of how he trains I knew why I said this to him (Hear what I ‘am Saying here I am not talking athletes that use weights as part of their Per iodised Training cycle) I get into banter and reasoning with other body builders over my Semi-Athletic statement and it’s not meant to offend but always does.

You see without getting to complex about this and sounding disrespectful, the art of Body Building is a very skilful art and takes a lot dedication & Knowledge to get that sculpted and Lean physique.  

In the Process of body building you are going to build muscle & get stronger, this will be the by product of lifting heavy weights and the correct lifestyle right? So you’ll agree with that. Ok let’s move on.

However what will change you from Semi-athletic to athletic in my eyes is the movements, that you do some of them complex and the amount of Fitness Components that you can do too, so answer this and again you may not want to be athletic, if not that’s cool, your Strong so your semi-athletic one of the Components of fitness & performance. Below are the current components of physical fitness and the chances are if you have most of these in a BAG your very athletic as simple as that.

  1. Cardiovascular fitness: This describes the body’s physical capacity to perform large muscle movement over a prolonged period of time. Large muscles are found in the legs, Back & trunk and are responsible for gross big movements. Cardiovascular fitness is also termed “Aerobic Fitness” and demands a Good strong heart muscle.  
  2. Muscular Strength: this describes the Maximum force that can be exerted by a muscle or groups against a resistance. The muscle is expected to exert the maximum force. Resistance of some kind is needed to train for muscular strength. Free weights and weights machines are commonly used to train for muscular strength.
  3. Muscular endurance: is defined as the capacity exert force repeatedly or to hold a fixed static contraction over time, there is no given optimal number of reps, sets, repetitions for building and getting good muscular endurance, at the end of a given time or set the muscles should feel very exhausted and fatigued
  4. Flexibility: this one is not so funny as this is probably the most neglected component of physical fitness, as most people may not want to do a pre-stretch or post stretch, I have again coached guys who cannot even touch their toes or rotate there upper torso with more than a 20 % flexibility. Let’s crack on, flexibility is defined as the ability to move joints through a normal range of motion. Having good flexibility is good for injury prevention & good movement patterns especially in sports. So in order to have good flexibility the joints, ligaments & tendons must be taken through their normal range of motion on a regular basis. There are different types of stretching the most common static stretching.
  5. Motor Skills: This is like as an example hand to eye coordination, the ability to co-ordinate these movements, at slow speeds and also fast speeds, again like a finely tuned musical orchestra. Good neuro-signal paths between Brain and body.   

Now even though you have people who train very athletic and are not involved in any sport, it’s the way how they train that will make them become very athletic, having big arms and doing Bench Pressing every session is not necessarily going to make you athletic, it will make you look anaesthetically good if you have good genetics too, but it won’t give you the Passport to perform athletically, you see you ask most Body builders to, do a few Cardio interval Sprints, without blowing out of their exhaust end,  ask most to Lift a heavy weight a few times, they will be able to do this, ask most body builders to do 50% of what they Bench Press for a minute, ask a Body builder to perform the most simplest of flexibility movements, and you know he might end up Screaming, or panting like a DOG, as he may not be able to do with ease.

What separates the semi-athletic to athletic is the movements, and the patterns and the ability for his body to work together as a finely tuned orchestra, most body building exercises are not very complex, and are simple movement patterns. But watch an Athlete train in a gym, you may see him doing movements to build his strength or mass again depending on his sport and the Phase of training he is on, also you may see him doing some movements where you might think, that is not doing anything for him, but it may involve most of the Components of fitness & be very complex movements and not excluding any, as opposed to just lifting big heavy weights without the rest of the components included, then when called upon to do a movement with a mixture of the components of fitness the body struggles.

So that’s why I call Body Builders Semi-Athletic they train to have big muscles and look good anaesthetically and are maybe strong, But cannot be called athletes as most don’t have all the components of Fitness. Are you Semi-athletic or Athletic?

Feel Free to Share this with any of your Friends who are Semi-athletic Body Builders.

Coach Martin Gooden





Why you should Hire a Boxing Conditioning Coach for Knockout Weight Loss Results

Why you Should Hire a Boxing Conditioning Coach for Knockout Results !! 

Now the Reason the title says what it is certainly not a pitch to and get another client I am doing alright at the minute, it’s just something that I was reasoning about the other day to a client of mine who had a Personal Trainer, got results initially, but then the results started to slow down in which this got a little harder for her, she got de-motivated, and dropped out for a while, One of the reasons I blamed the Previous Trainer was his lack of vision on Progressing the Client onto a different level of motivation. So coming from a Boxing background I told the Said Client, in the Boxing Arena that Boxing Contests are put together in a lot of Different ways, but the First thing is that both boxers have a certain limit on the weight they need to be, this called a “weight class” so from “Straw weight up to Heavyweight” is the Categories. So it’s not unusual for a Boxer that is not on a contest Training camp to be 8-14 LBS above his fighting weight (Ricky Hatton not included here). No the reason I say Why you should hire a Boxing Preparation or conditioning coach is for this reason, it’s one thing just losing weight isn’t it, most people can do that, your Average Joe, can starve himself/restrict calories to make the scales drop down on the dial. But what I am saying a skilled & knowledgeable Coach who has good sound knowledge, and a conditioning coach who is very  clued up on sports science, physiology, hormones and Nutrition has to make sure his Fighter is healthy, Fit, Strong, well rested in fighting condition to be able to give as well as take punishment for 3-6-8-10 or even 12 rounds depending on what stage of their career they are at,, and more importantly before their is any FIGHT or CONTEST make sure he makes the WEIGHT, because if he don’t make the weight, there will be no fight, then the Promoter is in trouble and the Fighter won’t get paid, and Probably Paying Punters will bring the Building down. Years ago fighters would have the weigh in just before the fight, this changed to 24 hours (Today’s Situation) before a fight, due to a lot incidents in which Fighters became dehydrated just to make the weight then stepping into the ring feeling Weak, and in some cases fighters nearly dying.

So again getting back to the nucks and crannies it is no point me trying to make a heavy weight into a straw weight or a Straw weight into a heavy weight due to genetics and other factors, but if you are looking at making a certain weight in your category (Even though you are not going to fight) and you would like to feel awesome healthy, strong, lean, well rested, and be able to have a good Recovery time and raise your vitality for life get in contact with a Professional Boxing/conditioning coach e –mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Coach Martin Gooden             




Getting in the Ring in Good Shape.

Getting in the Ring in good Shape

With the Big Fight on Sat 25th of May 2013 coming up, I thought it be fitting to do a little blog about boxing Preparation and Training. Carl has been in camp for the last 12 weeks, which means he would have been through different Per iodized Phases of his training from getting Back Into, getting Prepared for a hard Physical Phase, Technical Phase & hard Sparring & Conditioning Sparring phase, before eventually it’s time to start winding down and resting, Most coaches with the knowledge to Prepare a Fighter for 12 Rounds, may go about their business in a slightly different way. A fighter that has been Prepared well when he goes in the ring should be healthy, Strong, sharp, Focused, conditioned & should be able to keep up any Pace for 12 x 3 minute rounds, and has been Trained for 12 x 3 minute rounds if he finishes his opponent within this time that’s a bonus, but to know that you can last 12 x 3 minutes gives you Great Mental Strength and no doubts of your Physical Abilities & Conditioning. Floyd Mayweather junior is well known for his intense conditioning, No Doubt not every workout is the same, this changes depending on how far he is away from the Contest. A typical Mayweather workout can go a little something like the below:

  • Jump Rope: 15 minutes (non-stop high intensity)
  • Shadow boxing4 x 3 minute Rounds
  • Focus Pads6 x 3 minutes (Fast combinations)
  • Heavy Bag10 x 3 minute Rounds (Depending on training camp)
  • Body Belt: Varies, but usually three x three rounds, (stimulates fighting, whilst practising combinations)
  • Floor-work: 300 total sit-ups, leg raises, side too sides and medicine ball exercises. Plus stand up stand sit-ups (trainer holds the back of his legs and Floyd stands up straight while shadow boxing, then sits down into sit up) Also neck strength exercises are included in workout.
  • Stretch and warm down

NOTE: on his Sparring days he will spar ten three minute rounds, depending on what stage of his training camp before the Contest.

All in all your Preparation and good timing is your key towards getting it right for fight night, a lot of fighters get there Preparation WRONG and end up with what we call Leaving the fight in the gym, and not feeling sharpe enough to give a good Performance or just don't feel mentality and physically up for the contest.   

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